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Queenz Hair Care specializes in African and curly hair products... Our products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, and parabens and are carefully selected and tested to ensur

Made in China

Thermal cap stuffed with flax seeds made in China, excellent material, with a bag to keep the product and plastic caps as a gift

22.41 USD

Thermal cap stuffed with flax seeds made in China, excellent material, with a bag to keep the product and plastic caps as a gift

Tiger shape without a bag

To make the masks, the oil bath and the steam bath for the hair

You can now benefit from oil masks, deep conditioners or oil baths with this thermal cap

Safe to use and heated in the microwave only for long lasting heat

Practical and easy to use

Available in several colors and sizes for adults and options for children

The cap retains heat for up to 20 to 45 minutes, due to the presence of flax seeds inside, which absorbs and retains heat.

It can be used on both sides

How to use:

1_ Wash your hair well with shampoo

2_ Apply the mask, oil bath, or balm (apply the appropriate treatment) and do not use the thermal cap with eggs at all

3- Cover your hair well with a plastic shower bag

4_ Prepare the thermal cap with the following steps

First, put the thermal cap on a clean surface in the microwave, with the woody side down and the plain side up, leaving the rubber edges up. Heat the microwave at 1000.W for 45 seconds.

Secondly, get out of the microwave, flip the cap over to make the woody part inside and the pillow outside, leaving the rubber edges of the cap up. Heat for 45 seconds.

Thirdly, take out the cap and turn the wooded part out and the pillow inward, leaving the rubber tip up, and heat it again for 45 seconds.

5_ Sensitize the cap if the temperature is suitable and for an additional temperature. Repeat the first and third steps, taking into account that the total heating time does not exceed 3 minutes so as not to damage the cap.

6_ Wear the cap over the plastic cap for 20-45 minutes

7_ Take off the cap and let your hair rest for 5 minutes before washing

8_ Wash your hair as usual

How to take care of the cap:

Do not wear the cap directly, but always wear a plastic cap before applying the thermal cap to your hair to keep it clean.

Do not heat it in the oven or on the stove

Do not heat it more than necessary and do not exceed 3 minutes while heating

Clean the stains from the cap by hand with a cloth with water by wiping process

Use the cap freshener for perfuming

Do not put in the washing machine

Do not submerge it in water

Never wash, just wipe and perfume with the cap's spray

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10 months ago

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