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original from sahel cosmetics

Chadian Chebe Powder from Chad 250gm, quarter of a kilo, packing (bag) Miss Sahel

37.80 USD

The secret of the Chadian civilization for long, healthy and strong hair

Chadian women are distinguished by their ability to prolong their hair above the usual limit by preserving it from breakage, breakage and dryness

By using a mixture of herbs known as chibi powder



its components

Wild Cherry Lavender Croton



Vegetable oil

xanthan gum

Geranium Seeds Ambrette


Sterilize the scalp and protect it from infections

Prevents, reduces and prevents split ends and hair loss

Neutralizes the acidity of the scalp and hair

Provides the most important factor for hair extension, which is hydration

It envelops the hair and protects it from dryness, breakage and split ends


How to use

Do not put it directly on the scalp and use it on the hair to avoid itching in some people or doing an allergy test. There are several ways to use chibi powder.

First method :

Mix two teaspoons to 4 tablespoons, according to the length of the hair, from the powder with a cup (half a cup) or 100 grams of hair oil, either (karkar oil, melted shea butter, or coconut oil for high porosity).

Or jojoba oil, grape seed, argan or almond oil for normal and low porosity

It is possible to add an amount equal to the oil from the hair cream to make a cohesive creamy mixture, provided that it is free of silicone

Spray the hair with water or a moisturizing hair tonic for best results

The mixture is applied to the length of the hair from the roots to the ends, while combing the hair

Leave at least 4 hours or a whole day or two, then wash and the best

The hair is braided and left and every two to three days the hair is moisturized with a moisturizing tonic and the mixture is re-applied and this is the original method and the hair is washed after 5 days to a week or more

Then wash the hair and this is the original Chadian method

Use once or twice a week


Second method :

Soak the powder a tablespoon of chibi in a cup of oil suitable for hair porosity, 250 ml of oil.

. (Olive oil - castor - sesame - or karkar - coconut) is preferred for high pores

(Jojoba - Argan - Almond Oil) for low pores

Put in a glass container and leave in a dark and dry place for 2-3 weeks

Shake the bottle every day

After that, you can use the oil to moisturize the hair daily after spraying the hair with a little water and it is not necessary to wash it

The third method is the chibi tonic

Explained in the attached video on the site

Bring a clean drink or a thick cloth and put a spoonful of chai powder in it

and tie it well

Put the bowl in a cup of hot water and leave it for 24 hours

Squeeze the navel well and put the tonic in a spray can

Use the tonic on the hair only because the chibi powder irritates the scalp of some and causes them to itch either by the tonic alone or to renew the moisturizing of braided hair with the chibi powder and cream with focus on the ends and you can wipe a little oil on the hair after the tonic

Can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days


Safe for dyed or chemically straightened hair

Safe for pregnant women, but it is best to consult your doctor

For children, it is recommended to use it from 3 to 5 years old

Taking into account a prior allergy test for the child

Can be used with henna


37.80 USD
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زينب عيسى

2 months ago

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Queens Care

2 months ago

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