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Queenz Hair Care specializes in African and curly hair products... Our products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, and parabens and are carefully selected and tested to ensur

Queens Shampoo for Moisturizing and Nourishing Jamaican Castor Oil, Green Apple, Mango, Indian Herbs, Sidr and African Soap 250ml

10.80 USD

It cleanses the hair and scalp without causing dryness or tangles Enriched with castor oil and butters to promote healthy hair and

Strengthening hair, preparing the scalp to produce healthy and thick hair

Sterilizes the scalp with Sidr extract and African soap

It cleanses the scalp with a balanced combination of moisturizing and tonics

To clean and strengthen your hair without drying

100% vegetarian ingredients

Helps clean hair without drying

Cleansing shampoo, not purifying

How to use

Shake well before use. Apply to the scalp and hair. After wetting the scalp and hair with water, massage and massage the scalp

rinse well

Repeat as needed

Complete your routine with a conditioner or mask

It can be used once or twice a week

Keep in a cool, dry place

Suitable for all pores

protein free

Valid for 12 months from the date of opening the package

10.80 USD
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نرجس الرويسي

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