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Queenz Hair Care specializes in African and curly hair products... Our products are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates, silicones, and parabens and are carefully selected and tested to ensur

A thermal bonnet hat with a larger size and stronger material, placed in the dryer to dry the hair with an additional strap for fixation and a hat to save the product

7.56 USD

Black thermal bonnet hat with an additional lower strap for fixing and a bag to save the product

It is used with a hairdryer to dry hair, with mixtures and masks, or when styling hair and the desire to dry hair. Available in pink and silver colors

How to use

It is placed on the head and the thread is tightened well and the additional tape is tied under the chin as shown in the video

The second part (the nozzle) is connected to the grill

It operates on medium heat and medium air speed

Leave for 20-30 minutes for the clamps after covering the hair with a nylon bag if using with the clamps

It is left from 30 minutes _ 1 hour when using hair wraps or until the hair dries well

And it is possible to turn off the dryer to give it rest periods, or if the air becomes too hot so as not to harm your hair

7.56 USD
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