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Mill Organics 5 Pieces Set Shampoo, Mask, Moisturizing Cream, Styling Gel, and Care Oil

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Consists of 5 pieces


Organic Mille with Mint and Rosemary

It cleans and rejuvenates your hair

This gentle formula is designed to cleanse hair of excess product build-up, dirt and impurities without stripping hair's natural moisture and drying out.

Formula that helps in strengthening the hair,

Rich in nutrients such as biotin to support healthy hair growth and strengthen hair structure

Certified organic ingredients like coconut oil and babassu oil moisturize hair while brushing to prevent dryness.

Ideal for weak, brittle and dry hair,

This nourishing shampoo will leave your hair feeling clean and soft.

How to use

Rinse your hair well with water and use shampoo on the scalp and all over the hair with a massage and repeat when needed


Restore the vitality of your hair with Mielle Organics Rose Mint Hair Mask,

A nourishing formula designed to leave your strands full of much-needed hydration

A hair mask rich in essential nutrients thanks to a blend of organic ingredients

The composition of coconut oil, honey, peppermint oil and rosemary,

that work together to deliver hydration to every strand

. The added biotin supports normal hair growth.

Helps maintain a lustrous appearance that looks healthier and stronger.

How to use

After washing the hair with shampoo, the mask is placed and the conditioner can be dispensed with. Divide the hair and place the mask on the entire hair, focusing on the ends. Comb the hair to distribute the mask with a toothpick comb. Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse or

Cover with a shower cap or thermal cap and expose to steam or a warm towel and leave for a quarter of an hour or 30 minutes without using steam, only cover with a shower cap

Then wash it well with water

Leave-In Cream

Style your curls with ease with Mielle Organics Rose Scent Repair Cream.

Lightweight yet rich, this product contains a gel that matches the texture of a cream that is easily absorbed

Suitable for all types of curly hair, the formula is ideal for styling.

Great for braids, or twists

. cream saturated with biotin,

Creates an ideal environment for growth, j

Nourish hair and scalp.

Made with certified organic ingredients, this formula nourishes hair without weighing it down

Infused with a rich blend of rose and mint

How to use

Section hair and apply product to damp or dry hair. don't rinse

Style the hair as desired. For best results, use as a daily styling cream for twists and braids

border gel

Boundary Gel enriched with Biotin, Coconut and Babassu Seed Oil infuses your strands with good nourishment.

Ideal for people with coarse, weak or dry hair as the blend of rejuvenating ingredients locks in moisture for long-lasting smoothness.

With a refreshing scent of rosemary and mint, the gel is the perfect addition to your daily hair care routine.

For stroking and fixing Baby Hair, and feeding it

Give a moisturizing touch without the feeling of dry gel

Giving hair a healthy shine

strengthening oil

Strengthen and fortify your hair with Mielle Organics Rosemary Biotin & Peppermint Hair & Scalp Strengthening Oil.

Nutrient-rich hair oil helps strengthen your hair as it nourishes hair follicles and reduces the appearance of split ends. calm the whiff

Powered by over 30 essential oils and nutrients

Rich and silky formula enriched with biotin

Organic hair oil fights scalp dryness while locking in moisture at the ends of your hair

Without leaving any greasy feeling

This product can also be used to nourish Stylite Protection such as braids

How to use

Section the hair into parts. Apply a small amount of oil to the scalp, and massage the oil with fingers

And comb until the ends of the hair. Leave it and style your hair as desired three times a week


Daily use: Apply a small amount to scalp and comb through to ends.

Split ends care: As an oil bath before washing, put the oil on the ends of the hair after a little water moisture, put a cap or bag on the head and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse and shampoo.

87.75 USD 91.80 USD
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